Monday, December 8, 2008

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Do you see an open Door?

Well, I believe winter has officially begun in the MidWest with our very white lower temperatures. [IE: Snow] It is beautiful and is a reminder of hibernation time, along with the balance of getting out too. The chill in the air can be invigorating too! Winter has its purpose for moisture in the ground preparing it for spring planting. So this is a time of reflection and true ‘inner’ growth because a time of self reflection is here for many.

When I think about giving our land a much-needed rest, it reminds me what I need to give to myself. Our mind, bodies, and soul need rest on a regular basis along with activity in life. Either one extreme or the other will leave us feeling empty and passionless. We have all been there at one time or another. In addition, we must stay on top of our personal needs so emptiness does not sneak up. However when it does, having a strong tool kit to reach in will help you get back on track. Do not get me wrong, none of us are perfect and life gets out of whack from time to time. The difference will be how you will get through it in a healthy manner! I am very much a person who works at living one at a time. However, I get out of whack too and my awareness keeps me diligent in my relationship with Merna.

What usually comes with wintertime and our slowing down of life is being alone with our self a bit more. When then happens we may become irritated, bored, frustrated, sad, and it has many more faces. However, many people don’t realize what is the core of these feelings. We look outside of ourselves and have our ‘excuses’…The ones that start with ‘if only’…If only it wasn’t so cold I would have something to do, If only I had more money I would be happier, If only …if only… All of us can personalize these realizations and bring them to our thoughts and relate! I have been there and this brings back many sad memories for myself. Now when I here myself saying I am bored [a rarity]... my immediate thought is what are you going to do about it? Life isn’t fair, so we must look at our answers to our problems. This is where changing your thoughts in I can’t, I can’t… to what you CAN do. This is a true shift in thinking. [Law of attraction nugget = focusing on I cannot, I can’t, it will never happen thoughts – you will receive just that and stay stuck. Focus on what you can do and doors will open, but you must see the open doors and take risks] Worrying about what all your limitations are will keep you stuck and not reach goals or happiness. How sad is that!

So I want to leave you with the thought of awareness today. Become aware of your words and inner words. Are they hopeful or limiting? Are they promising and loving? Pull out your pocket journal and make a change. Your life will love you for it!

Happy winter!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

How strong is the Lure of your Magnet?

Happy Sunday!

We have another gorgeous autumn day here after our two days of ‘winter’. Indian summer is the best and the most peaceful to me. The colors of the leaves and the feel of the air are captivating and calming.

We are starting the month of Thanksgiving and this is an excellent time to do some self-reflection. During this time, we all can find the time to reflect on this year’s journey and the road you each travel. Everyone has a story to tell! Each of our lives are like a finger print with unique facets that no one can duplicate. However, I find it interesting that we have many common threads, but can be so different. The first workshop circuit [Pocket of Pearls] that is growing rapidly in the US and springing up in other countries is helping people with their inner voice. This class is designed to ‘kick start’ a persons path to finding more in life and start loving today.

Our inner voice is our ‘core’. It is the center of everything in our lives. In the law of attraction, this is where the magnet lives, inside of you. Everyone has an inner voice and it is not always kind, to some it can be demeaning and deflating daily. It is never perfect, but we can see it as a muscle we need to strengthen. Once we have a strong inner voice we must have a ‘workout’ routine to keep it strong. This is where have a pocket journal with you daily, can keep your on your personal path and maintenance. In addition, attending a workshop and experience the ‘group-coaching atmosphere’ will give you a healthy start, while learning more tools and keys to get you going.

You can start today working on you. Do not be afraid your soul is good, kind, and caring! We all just have some housecleaning to do. Your pocket journal and a workshop can give you a grand start to strengthen your core.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Winter Wonderland!

Hello again,

We are experiencing a ‘Winter Wonderland’ today here in Iowa. Isn’t it funny that only last week I was writing about Autumn, and now we are soo past that. However, this hibernation is beginning and it gives me a warm, wonderful feeling inside for a dynamic winter in my life. I have plans on finishing the writing of my third workbook Pocket of Memories, which is a 30 workbook assisting someone through the grief process. My second workbook Pocket of Rubies and a cup of Hazelnut is finished and [[hopefully]] starting the printing process very soon. Each of these workbooks will have a supreme workshop circuit designed to help people with these areas of life.

With the thoughts of winter, hibernation brings so much peace, contentment, and warmth to my heart. However, many individuals become a little fearful of ‘alone time’, but are they aware of it. Does the thought of being alone with your thoughts scare you and give you peace. Do you get wrapped up in the harried way of life, so you do not have to be alone with yourself? We all have many escapes whether fun or tasks in life, but are we aware that we have landed last on our daily lists of life. For many, they have completely fallen off their list and need attention to bring themselves to the top once again or for the first time. This is NOT selfish, but necessary for a healthy self-worth.

With winter coming I have worked with many individuals on this topic and they are not aware of the obstacles we all have in the way of finding peace. Our list of busyness may seem just, but where is me time? I will leave you with that for this week. Grab a pocket journal and find out more about you!

Take care and stay warm!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Autumn is in the air!

Hello all!

I apologize for not posting for a while here on our blog. Life has been crazy busy = all good though! Recently, I started taking interviews of potential Motivational teachers to facilitate Pocket of Pearls WorkShops in their areas. The response has been incredible! My goal is to have all three of my workbooks and their coordinating workshops circulating by the end of 2009. I seem to be attracting the most amazing people who are like-minded and have the desire to add Motivational teacher to their resume. If you know of anyone please send them to my website for more information.

In addition, I am embarking on private practice coaching utilizing my workbooks. My specialties are relationship with self, the grief process, and personal success. There is a page devoted to my coaching practice on my revamped website, so check it out.

I had the honor to be interviewed this past week for The Authentic You companies program. She picked my ‘entrepreneurial’ mind and we had a great time. If you would like to listen to it, it is on the media page of the website.

Overall, I am stopping to admire the remarkable autumn we are having and the gifts I have been given. Today, when I was out and about I made it a point to notice all the fall colors I have in front of me. What a comforting feeling to see such priceless gifts today, on this day of rest. I challenge you to look around you and discover a gift you see today and cherish it... It will warm your heart!

See you soon!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fashion or Passion?

Hello everyone!

I hope this finds you enjoying a beautiful Indian summer in your neighborhood. It is gorgeous here and I love fall. I have a question I have kicked around for some time now. Are you living your Fashion or your Passion in life? Fashion would be the equivalent of what is expected of us, we do it because everyone else is or just because. Sometimes the faces of this would be mundane, boredom, sadness, irritation, annoyance and so on. OR are you living your Passion? This is where every fiber of your being is enjoying your life and the path it takes. The feeling is something so strong that you cannot imagine your life without it. You see no stop signs in life!

The reason I have been kicking this around is because I am living my Passion with my book and workshops! I know it with every breath I take and each cell of my body. In my former career as a hairstylist, it was a passion. However, I didn’t realize I would possibly have another with an even stronger fire. Afterall, I am ‘middle-aged’, but I don’t feel that way. I forget I am in my forties quite often. I happen to think I have just been warmed up, so I had better fasten my seat belt. I love working with others who seem struggling with their self worth. I can empathize with them because, yes, I have been there too. We all have been there on some level! I would have never thought that after surviving some of the tough spots in life I have seen, I would actually thrive once again.

I look forward to my workshops and meeting the venue managers and participants. Each person has their unique story of how they got ‘here’. 'Here' is where they feel right now and want to feel passion for life once again. It starts with us! We just have some house cleaning to do. Maintaining our self-worth is giving it attention daily. We can never put this car in park, because it would just rot. Picture an abandoned car that you have seen in life. Ok, now that you have that picture in mind, imagine this is your self-worth without maintenance. Oy! Now imagine an old classic of a car and how that owner has babied it daily. Often, these cars have a high price tag. Hmmm… interesting thought. What is on your price tag?

Sit down and make two lists. One is the list of the areas of life, which you seem to enjoy today. Two, is a list that you wish your life would be full of ‘if only’. The ‘If only's’ are the blocks that stop us. Our excuses are our blocks. I know this is blunt, but it is the truth. What is getting in the way of walking the wishful passion road? Take this assignment to your trusted life coach and they will help you on this journey. Remember, this takes time so be kind to yourself. However, it will not take 40 more years like our ‘fear’ may tell us. BUT, you need to start today so you are one day closer to feeling passion again. Often, in life we have scars of hurt, pain, disappointment, and/or betrayal. These layers can build up and get in the way of feeling wonderful again. If this sounds familiar, you do not have to sit there and stew. You can invest in yourself and open a new chapter of your life. One that starts with YOU!

Fashion or Passion? I will leave you with that!

Have a great weekend~

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Do you stop to smell the Roses?

What a beautiful Sunday here at the end of September we are having in the Midwest. I am hoping and praying for a wonderful Indian summer this fall. Fall is my favorite with the colors changing, humidity gone, and slowing down of life. It is preparing us for our hibernating time this winter.

School is going well for me and time seems to be flying by. I have registered for my next two courses already. I am enjoying my contented days I am having while they are here. It is natural to have some chaotic days from time to time, but we must stop to smell the roses when it is present in our lives. Do you?

When life seems to slow down and seems to be going well does this inspire to you stop and smell the roses or panic waiting for the other shoe to drop? I think we all have experienced both of these scenarios many times in our lives. Sometimes the ‘slowing’ down of life triggers us to look for the bad and try to head it off at the pass. Have you ever heard the old saying, “If you go looking for trouble you will find it or you will create it?” Doesn’t this saying speak volumes when we apply it to our lives? Do we enjoy a good day when it is here? Does the good day have different faces on it that make you worry? For instance, boredom, worry, fearful of missing something, fearing what is coming next…there can be more. Do you find it hard to be alone with you?

This is where we hear our inner voice loud and clear when life is not trying to drown it out. If you have trouble just sitting in a quiet day, is your inner voice making you uncomfortable? You are not alone if you answered yes to any or all of these questions. This is where journaling with your self-talk workbook can assist you to Stop and smell the Roses!

I hope you will stop and notice when you are having a good day. This is the time for enjoying the hard work of life and time to relax. If you wish for some more peace deep down inside this is where Pocket of Pearls can help you find that strong inner voice that fuels you daily. Next time you are finding a peaceful day, ask yourself how you are going to enjoy it. Life can get crazy in a flash and it will again. This is where one day at a time comes in. In addition, we must Stop to smell the Roses every chance we get. This part is what nourishes our soul.

Have a great Sunday!